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The Document People Can Help With Ex Parte/Emergency Requests

The Document People Can Help With Ex Parte/Emergency Requests

The Document People can help with Ex Parte/Emergency requests, when you need it.

Ex Parte requests proceedings in Los Angeles or throughout California are usually reserved for urgent matters.  Restraining orders and temporary or emergency custody orders may be requested on an ex parte or urgent basis.

An emergency ex parte request may be heard as soon as the following day, and will usually grant temporary orders to the requesting party.  The court will then set a hearing date for a full hearing to be heard between the parties.

Special notice must be given by the party making the request unless the party has good reason not to do so.

A response to an ex parte request should be prepared and filed with the court the same day as the hearing especially is the responding party is not in agreement with the orders requested.

The Court will only consider and grant true emergencies.

All The Document People stores offer help with Ex Parte and Emergency Requests. Visit our stores in Los Angeles County (Woodland Hills, Santa Monica, San Fernando, Marina Del Rey, Van Nuys, and Glendale), Orange County (Anaheim, Irvine) San Diego County (Oceanside) and Ventura County (Oxnard).


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