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The Trademark Process and Katy Perry

The Trademark Process and Katy Perry


If you have seen Katy Perry’s halftime show at the Super Bowl last February, you’ll be familiar with the shark costume one of her dancers was wearing. Well, Perry’s company Killer Queen, LLC is attempting to protect the words “left shark” from being exploited by others by filing a trademark.

By reviewing the application (find the link below), several interesting elements can be noticed. For example, this is an “intent of use” application, meaning the company filing for it is planning to use the name for several different products, but it doesn’t have any ready.


Specifically, products in five different categories (1. cell phone covers, 2. stickers, 3. mugs, 4. t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, costumes, 5. toys and figurines), plus one additional service in the field of “Live musical and dance performances” are listed, bringing the filing fee to a whopping $1,950 ($325 per category). And this is just the intent of use application. When they’ll be ready to show proof of use, they’ll have to spend another $600 to convert them all to actual use.

There are some problems with the application: the word “figurine” is used across several different classes, from “figurines made of rubber” (Class 17) to “figurines of stone” (19), so the attorney who is representing Mrs. Perry will have to be more specific or pay additional filing fees. Plus, the word “costumes” is too broad, and needs to be clarified, because it could include goods in other international classes.

This is a common problem with trademarks applications. The attorneys at the Trademark office don’t like general descriptions. The more accurate you are, the more chances your petition will be approved without delays. If you want to trademark something, The Document People will be there to help so you can always stay in step with the legal document preparation dance.

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