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Top Unusual Questions and Answers About Divorces: Part Three

Top Unusual Questions and Answers About Divorces: Part Three

We wrap up this week’s series on unusual questions and answers about Divorces and Legal Separation with a final question about “Abandonment of Spouse” when filing for divorce. We hope you will find this interesting when filing for divorce in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles or anywhere in California.


Q: A friend told me that if I file an “Abandonment of Spouse” I don’t need to serve my husband with divorce papers. Is this true? Is there such a document?

A: You have to serve the other party in divorce proceedings (or at least constructively serve them, if you can’t locate the other party). California is a no-fault divorce State, so no grounds (such as abandonment) are necessary. I think what your friend may be referring to is that sometimes benefits and entitlements can be affected by marriage or lack thereof. But this has no effect on a divorce.

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