Los Angeles Eviction Process and delays

Los Angeles Eviction Process and delays

The Los Angeles Eviction process can be pretty fast, if you are a tenant faced with the need to look for another place and are too busy or don’t know how to respond to eviction proceedings.

Upon being served with an unlawful detainer in Los Angeles or anywhere throughout California (eviction complaint), the tenant has only 5 days to respond or face receiving a default judgment entered against them.

Tenants and the attorneys who represent them know that filing an answer to an eviction is not always necessary in order to keep the default judgment from being entered. There are other ways tenants use to stall their eviction and buy themselves a little more time in their rental.

For example, if the 3 Day Notice or the Unlawful Detainer complaint is defective, the tenant may file a demurrer (or objection) to these documents, asking the Landlord to make corrections and start the process again.  If the landlord did not provide proper notice to the tenant, the Tenant may file a motion to strike the service of the documents and force the landlord to serve them again.

The preparation of these documents can be quite costly if prepared by an attorney, but a Los Angeles legal document assistant can prepare them for a fraction of the cost.

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