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Legally changing a minor’s name in California. Everything you need to know.

Legally changing a minor’s name in California. Everything you need to know.

Part 3. Name Changes for Minors

We conclude our three part series on legally changing your name in California by addressing legally changing a minor’s name in California.

When it comes to legally changing a minor’s name in California, both parents need to sign the petition for name change. The procedure is the same as the name change for an adult. The parents will have to file the petition, publish the filed petition in a local newspaper (see previous entry blog) and appear in court for a quick hearing.

Once the Order for legally changing a minor’s name in California is filed, they’ll be able to notify all the agencies interested about the change. If the minor does not have a State ID yet, they’ll simply show the original birth certificate and filed Order for Name Change to whoever is checking on the identity of the minor (schools, etc.).

An interesting case is when one parent is missing or is not the co-petitioner. The non-filing parent will have to be served the papers and notified. Note the similarity with divorces. There is a similarity with divorced also when it comes to missing parents.

Recently we assisted a mother in changing the name of her minor son after she got remarried. The natural father was nowhere to be found, and even gave her a notarized statement indicating that he wasn’t objecting to her changing the name of the minor in the future.

The process is a tad complicated, and demonstrate how seriously the courts take the interest and point of view of a natural parent: she will have to publish the Order to Show Cause for the name change in the county where she lives, and also in the county where the father last lived. She will have to demonstrate to the court that she could not locate the parent with a declaration and get a court order authorizing publication. The petitioner will have the option to file for a waiver if the last known address was in the same county, outside California, or there has been no contact with the child for a significant amount of time.

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Legally Changing A Minors Name

Legally Changing A Minors Name